Welcome to Jon Dillon Marketing

At Jon Dillon Marketing we provide a wide range of Direct Marketing Services for businesses. We offer a tailor made package to suit your needs, to include some of the following: Campaign Planning, Strategic Advice, Print, Postage, Fulfilment, Data Purchase & Creative Advice. We can also offer solutions for your Media Advertising too. These include Outdoor Advertising as well as Off the Page Adverts & Inserts into magazines, newspapers and specialized publications. We want to build long term relationships so that we can help to achieve your growth potential. Give us a call today to see how we can help.


Let us get to know you. Any good first date needs to start this way. We’ll always meet you face to face so we can learn more about your business. We want to know where your challenges lie and what you want to achieve. Give us the power to fulfill your brief to your exact specification.


Let us create a strategy for you. All our bespoke solutions are catered to your individual needs and goals. We want to create strategy that will achieve long term success rather than gunning for a ‘quick win’. The lifetime value of your customer is much more important than one purchase.


Let us deliver. Too many agencies come back with a solution that involves you, the client, doing more work. This defeats the object of hiring a marketing professional in our opinion. Our job is to offer a solution and do the work on it so you don’t have to. We can be part of your marketing team.

About Us
Jon Dillon

I’d worked in the Direct Marketing industry for nearly 10 years before I set up on my own. I was getting slightly disillusioned with working for large, faceless clients where you felt like you were sometimes just a number. For me the buzz was in the personal interaction with the smaller companies who were super passionate about taking things to the next level. To see a campaign succeed is what really drives me. I want to use my skills to help small and medium sized businesses where I can really add value to strategy and growth. With my experience in the industry I can help reduce costs so that your marketing spend goes a lot further, enabling you to recruit more new customers per campaign. It’s all about the ROI!